Synora Technologies

Synora has been building and serving marketplaces since 2008. We believe in providing a safe place for buyers and sellers to discover, interact and transact online. Security, trust & transparency are the three pillars we stand upon. Our technology platforms are used by over 1 million users each and every month. Our technology decisions are focussed on the customer first.

The name: σύνορα / synora / borders / frontiers

The name Synora comes from a neighbourhood in the city of Patras in Greece. Patras is Greece's 3rd largest city and the regional capital of Western Greece. It was at the location of the border or frontier, which seperated the revolutionists.

Just like in ancient Greece time, there are still frontiers out there and we believe through technology we can break these down. Technology allows sellers to reach potential customers in a cost-effective manner.


Keeping your private information secure. We employ state-of-the-art technologies to encrypt private information. For example: credit cards are never stored on our systems, only encrypted tokens of these cards.


Bringing trust online marketplaces is a challenge. Buyers and sellers control what information they would like to share. We leverage technology platforms, like VeriPet, to bring more trust to online buying and selling.


We are firm believers that bringing more trust to online transactions is key. Marketplace sellers are required to share more information that just what's required by law. We liaise with Governmental bodies to help guide best practices.

Job openings - May 2024


We are currently hiring for support roles in the evenings (GMT) and weekends. We are looking for enthusiastic and empathetic support staff to be the first point of contact to our customers. We pride ourselves in fast and accurate help to enable our customers achieve their goals. Status: currently filled


Are you familiar with the above logos? How about SCSS / Vue.js / HTML5 ? If so get in touch! We believe in a pragmatic approach to design and development, choosing simplicity and easy of use in everything we do. Less really is more! Status: currently filled

Something else

Not every role is just defined by title, if you believe you have the skills that can help us on our journey, please get in touch.

To apply please email referencing this page, an outline of your experience and any other relevant information. (No recruiters or third party staffing agencies, please). Synora is an equal opportunities employer. We not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information. We're building a culture at Synora where amazing people (like you) can do their best work.

Synora is based in Boston, Massachusetts and serves customers around the world. We are a remote first company, and understand the value in staff being happiest where they live, wherever that may be. We currently have staff in the US, Ireland, Dominican Republic and Canada.