Our Team

We are a small, but mighty team. Currently we are a team of 6, and delivering results of teams many times our size.

Why chose: Small.

We believe smaller technology teams have a distinct advantage over larger ones because of their agility and flexibility. It alllows us to adapt quickly to changes and pivot more efficiently when faced with new challenges or shifts in project direction / markets / regulations / etc. Communication within smaller teams tends to be more direct and less bureaucratic, leading to faster decision-making and fewer misunderstandings. Our streamlined communication also fosters a closer-knit environment where team members can collaborate more closely and share knowledge more readily. As a smaller team we can innovate more freely, experimenting with bold ideas without the heavy overhead or the risk-averse nature that sometimes characterises larger organisations. This agility and intimacy can often lead to faster development cycles and a more responsive approach to meeting customer needs and a better over all product. We use open-source technologies where appropiate, but main of the core interla parts aer bespoke to allow more efficient operations / better data reporting / etc.

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